Terms And Conditions

Article 1 Purpose

The purpose of this Agreement is to stipulate the rights, obligations, responsibilities and other necessary matters between the users (hereinafter referred to as "users") and the users of all game services, websites, and other services provided by People (the "Company") through smart devices.

Article 2 Definition of Terms

  1. 1. The terms used in this Agreement are defined as follows: 'User' refers to persons using all games and services provided by the company (including members and non-members) provided that they agree to these terms and conditions. 'Content' refers to any digitally produced content related to all games and network services, applications, game money, and game items provided by the company for use through smart devices. 'Smart device' refers to a device that can use a network of PCs, mobile phones, smartphones, PDAs, tablets, portable game consoles, smart TVs, etc. that can be downloaded, installed, or accessed over a network. 'Application' refers to any program that is downloaded or installed from a smart device to use the services provided by the company. 'User information' refers to general information, including information entered by the user or agreed information, and game information including the user's character, items, and experience value. 'In-App Purchase' is a payment activity to purchase items, functions, and paid content within an application. 'In-App Items' refers to items, functions, and game money that users can purchase through In-App payment.
  2. 2. The terms used in this Agreement shall be defined according to the relevant statutes except as provided in paragraph 1 of this Article. Not prescribed by the relevant statutes is a general correlation.

Article 3 The Effectiveness and Change of Terms and Conditions

  1. 1. This Agreement specifies the terms and conditions within the company's website or application for service use due to the nature of the service contract. The terms and conditions shall be effective as the user installs and executes the application.
  2. 2. The Company may amend these terms and conditions to the extent that they do not violate the relevant laws or regulations.
  3. 3. The company may change these terms and conditions to improve the users' rights, obligations, and services. In the event of a change in the terms and conditions, the company shall notify the users of the changed terms and conditions 7 days before the application date (but 30 days before the application date) through the company's website, official cafe, and applications provided, and take effect from the application date.
  4. 4. The user has the right to refuse changed terms and conditions. The users who have objections to the change in this Agreement may discontinue the service use and cancel the service contract (withdrawal of members).
  5. 5. If the company discloses or notifies the terms and conditions changed in accordance with the previous paragraph and the user clearly discloses or notifies the users' opinions within the period, the user agrees to the changed terms and conditions.

Article 4 Terms and Conditions and Quarters

  1. 1. These terms and conditions shall apply together with separate policies for individual services provided by the company and may have separate terms or policies for matters not specified herein, and the terms and policies shall be in accordance with the related statutes or correlations established by the government.

Article 5 Establishment of a contract for the use of services

  1. 1. The service contract is deemed to have been agreed to by the user, if the user agrees to this service agreement or if the company's game is downloaded or the contents are used through the network.
  2. 2. If the user does not agree, the user may withdraw the application, along with logging out and deleting it.

Article 6 Protection and Use of Personal Information

  1. 1. The company strives to protect the users' personal information in accordance with the relevant statutes and the company's privacy policy for the protection and use of personal information. However, the company's privacy policy does not apply to services and applications not provided by the company.
  2. 2. Depending on the characteristics of the service, the user's nickname and photo can be revealed.
  3. 3. The company may notify the users of the reason (purpose) and request a copy of the user's ID card or equivalent if necessary for identification. The company shall not use it for any purpose other than the foregoing, and the company shall discard it without delay when the purpose is achieved.
  4. 4. The company shall not provide the personal information of the users to others without their consent, except in the event of a request from the relevant government agencies under the related statutes.

Article 7 Management and Change of Personal Information

The users shall faithfully manage their personal information for the use of this service and shall change any changes in personal information. The user shall be responsible for any damages caused by the member's personal information change being delayed or omitted.

Article 8 The Company's Duty

    1. The company does not prohibit the prohibition of the relevant laws and the terms and conditions, and strives to provide continuous and stable service.
    2. The company is committed to the security obligation to protect the users' personal information.
    3. If the company objectively acknowledges that the opinions or complaints raised by the users are justified, the company shall take proper procedures and immediately handle them. However, if it is difficult to deal with it immediately, the user shall be informed of the reason and the schedule of the processing.

    Article 9 User's Duty

    1. 1. The users shall comply with the terms and conditions set forth by the company, and the contents announced by the company. In addition, the users shall not act in the way of obstructing the company's work or harming the company's reputation.
    2. 2. The users shall comply with the relevant laws, such as the Youth Protection Act. If a user violates the relevant laws, such as the Youth Protection Act, he or she shall be punished according to the applicable laws.
    3. 3. The users shall not conduct business activities using the service without prior consent of the company, and the users shall be held liable for the results of such activities. In addition, the users shall be obligated to pay damages to the company in the event of such operating activities, and the company may request damages to the users after the service use restriction and due process.
    4. 4. The user is responsible for managing the user ID and should not be allowed to use it by a third party.
    5. 5. The user shall not perform any of the following actions. In such cases, the company may restrict the user's use of the service, delete the relevant information (letters, pictures, videos, etc.) and take proper measures. In addition, the user is responsible for any problems caused by it.
      1. (1) Registering false information or wishing others upon application, modification, or registration;
      2. (2) The act of stealing information from others;
      3. (3) Changing the company's program without receiving any special rights from the company, hacking into the company's servers, randomly changing some or all of the website or published information, or using the company's services in an abnormal way;
      4. (4) Exploitation of bugs in the company's program;
      5. (5) The act of acquiring, transferring or selling cyber assets (IDs, characters, items, money in games, etc.) in an unusual way;
      6. (6) An act of harming a service or willfully obstructing the service;
      7. (7) Using the service without the prior consent of the company to conduct business activities;
      8. (8) Replicate the information obtained through this service for purposes other than the use of the service without prior consent of the company, use it for publication and broadcasting, or provide it to a third party;
      9. (9) The act of transmitting, posting or otherwise distributing any information infringing upon another person's patents, trademarks, trade secrets, copyrights or other intellectual property rights;
      10. (10) To transmit, post, or otherwise distribute information, sentences, shapes, sounds, videos, or other means of low-speed, obscene content that violates the Youth Protection Act or the Act;
      11. (11) A act to transmit, post, or otherwise disseminate information that is deeply insulting or personal information to others that may infringe upon others' honor or privacy;
      12. (12) Harassing or threatening other users, or continuing to inflict pain or discomfort on certain users;
      13. (13) Collecting or storing other users' personal information without the approval of the company;
      14. (14) An act that is objectively determined to be associated with a crime;
      15. (15) An act that violates other related statutes;

    Article 10 Provision of Services

    1. 1. The service contract is deemed to have been established when the user agrees to this Agreement, downloads the company's games or uses the contents through the network. However, for some services, you can start the service on a specified date, depending on your company's needs.
    2. 2. The company may provide game services to users and may provide additional services, including those specified in this Agreement, in providing game services.
    3. 3. The company can divide the user's rating and divide the service hours, service collection, and service scope into different categories.

    Article 11 Utilization of Services

    1. 1. The company provides services using a dedicated application or network for smart devices. Users can download and install applications or use the network for free or charge.
    2. 2. For paid services, the service can be used only by paying the fees specified in the service. If an application download or service is used over the network, a separate fee may be imposed by the registered mobile service provider.
    3. 3. For services used through downloaded and installed applications or network services, the service is provided to suit the characteristics of the smart device or mobile network provider, and for changes in the number of smart devices, changes in numbers and roaming overseas, all or all of the contents are not available, and the company is not responsible for any changes.
    4. 4. In principle, the company shall provide the service 24 hours a day, 24 hours a day, 24 hours a day, all year round unless there is any technical or business disturbance. However, the company can suspend the service for a certain period of time if necessary for operation, such as regular system inspection, extension and replacement of servers, addition of new game contents, various bug patches, and replacement with new service, and in such cases, the company will notify the contents and time of the service within the website or application. However, if there is an unavoidable reason that the company cannot notify you in advance, it can notify you afterwards.

    Article 12 Changes and suspensions of Services

    1. The Company may change the services it provides, depending on its operational or technical needs. The contents and date of delivery of the service to be changed will be notified to the users in advance through the website or the application. However, if there are unavoidable reasons such as a fatal bug outbreak, a server device failure, or an emergency security issue that the company cannot notify you in advance, you can notify me afterwards.
    2. If the company needs to discontinue the entire service due to the planning or operation of the service or the urgent situation of the company, the company can discontinue the service by notifying the service through its website or application. The user shall not claim compensation for damages other than damages caused by the inability to use the paid service in the event of service interruption or service interruption.
    3. The company may restrict or suspend all or part of the service if:
      1. In case there are compelling reasons, such as war, private affairs, natural disasters or national emergencies;
      2. In case of failure of power outage, failure of all facilities, or excessive use of the service,
      3. In the event of inevitable construction, such as repair of service facilities;
      4. In case service is not possible due to all conditions of the company;
    4. The company shall not be held responsible for any problems caused by the service change or suspension.

    Article 13 Restrictions on Service Utilization

    The company may restrict the use of the service without prior notice if the user violates Article 9 of this Agreement on the use of the service.

    Article 14 Providing Information and Publishing Advertising

    1. The company may publish advertisements to maintain this service, and the user agrees to the advertisement materials exposed during service use.
    2. The company shall not take any responsibility for any losses or damages caused by the user's participation in, communication or transaction in the advertisement provided by the third party, the company.
    3. The company may request additional information about the user's personal information for the purpose of improving the service and introducing the service to the users. The user can provide or reject additional information by accepting the request.
    4. In the event that the company provides advertisement and information in paragraph 1 through the use of personal information collected from the users under the prior consent of the users, the company can send the information using SMS (LMS), Smartphone notification (Push notification), and E-Mail. If the user does not want to receive the information, the company can refuse to receive the information at any time.
    5. The terms and conditions of the platform business, app store business, and the company that provide the information to the company in relation to the above information provision and advertisement are governed by the company's terms and conditions and are provided under the relevant laws and regulations.

    Article 15 Restrictions on the attribution and use of copyrights

    1. The copyright and other intellectual property rights of the work created by the company belong to the company.
    2. The copyright of postings posted by the user within the service belongs to the copyright holder.
    3. The user shall not use the information obtained from the service without the company's consent or let a third party use the information without the company's consent.
    4. Postings posted by users within the service may be exposed to search results, services, and related promotions, and may be partially modified, cloned, edited and posted within the scope required for such exposure. In this case, the company shall comply with the contents of the Copyright Act and the users may take actions such as deletion, exclusion of search results, and private disclosure of the contents of the postings through the management functions within the customer center or service at any time.
    5. If the company determines that the user's post has a copyright issue from a third party and there is a considerable reason, the company can delete it or refuse to register itself without prior notice, and the copyright law and related statutes are subject to suspension of postings due to infringement of copyrights and rights.

    Article 16 Postings of Users

    1. Losses or problems caused by users' postings are the responsibility of the users and the company is not responsible for them.
    2. If a particular post is deemed to be a defamation or invasion of privacy, the company shall take "temporary action" on the relevant postings or materials without prior notice to the publisher, after which it may be deleted or restored according to the agreement between the parties, the relevant statutes and the company's policies.

    Article 17 Buying, using and using paid content

    1. The user can purchase paid content according to the payment operation policy of each app store operator, depending on the type of smart device using the service, and the payment amount may vary due to the difference in the payment policy. In addition, the purchase price of paid content will be charged according to the methods and policies set by the mobile network operator, platform operator and app store operator associated with the app store operator. The payment method will also follow the policy of the app store operator.
    2. Paid content purchased by users within a game service can only be used on smart devices that have downloaded or installed the game service application.
    3. The period of use of paid content purchased by the user is basically one year, and after that period, the user loses the right to use the paid content. However, paid content with a separate period of use shall be subject to the period of use specified at the time of purchase. The users may use paid contents only in the users' own account except in the method specified by the company and notified otherwise. The users shall not transfer, rent or sell paid contents to a third party.

    Article 18 Payment

    1. The company's applications include In-App Payment for In-App Item purchases.
    2. The user shall prevent third-party In-App payments using the smart device's password setting function and the password setting function provided by the open market, and the company shall apply modules, libraries, etc. to applications that are applied with the open market certification procedure according to the Korea Communications Commission's recommendation and 'Open Market Mobile Content Payment Guidelines'.
    3. The company shall not take any responsibility for third-party In-App payments caused by the user's careless exposure or not using the password setting function of smart devices or open markets.
    4. If a user subscribes to the youth rate system of a mobile phone company, the contents of the payment in-app on the smart device are deemed to have the consent of the legal representative.
    5. The user is responsible for faithfully paying the In-App settlement payment.
    6. The payment limit can be assigned or adjusted for each payment method according to the company's policy and information policy, such as mobile network operators, open market stores, application stores, etc.

    Article 19 - Cancellation of Subscription and Refund

    1. For paid content purchased by the user, the subscription withdrawal (purchase cancellation) can be made without charge within seven days of the signing date of the contract or the availability of paid content. However, for some paid contents with equivalent characteristics, such as paid content provided free of charge by the company or a third party such as gifts and events, and paid contents already used or considered to have been used at the time of request for withdrawal of the subscription, the relevant statutes (article 17 2 to 3 of the Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, Article 16 of the Online Content Industry Development Act) will be limited to the purchase (subjects). In such a case, the company will take actions according to the relevant statutes, such as notifying users when purchasing paid contents.
    2. The withdrawal of subscription for paid content is restricted in the following cases, and the company indicates that the withdrawal of subscription is restricted before payment for paid content, which is restricted by the withdrawal of subscription.
      1. Items that start to be used immediately after purchase or that apply to the application immediately
      2. In case of items acquired without payment the normal use process of the application
      3. If additional benefits are used in the items that provide them
      4. Some items sold in a bundle are used
      5. For encapsulated/probabilized items where opening actions can be viewed as use or whose effectiveness can be determined upon opening
      6. Reimbursement will be carried out according to the application policy of each app store operator according to the type of operating system of smart devices that use the service. The procedure for requesting a refund will be as announced on the company's website. In addition, the paid content in the game will be deducted from the amount withdrawn, depending on the refunded price.
      7. The user shall not refund paid content that the user obtains as compensation during game service without paying through payment of the payment of the user's actual normal purchase details, or paid by the company through an internal event or an external partnership event.
      8. If a request for withdrawal of a subscription or refund is made, the purchase details of the company will be checked through the company's customer center and the purchase details will be checked by the company. During this process, the purchase details will be checked through the platform provider or app store provider. The company can contact the users through the information provided by the users to verify the reason for their cancellation, and request additional evidence.
      9. In the event that paid content sold in the application is paid by a minor without the consent of the legal representative, the minor or the legal representative may cancel the payment. However, if the paid content of a minor is within the scope of the property allowed to be disposed of by the legal representative, or if the minor has been used to believe that he or she is an adult, the cancellation will be restricted. Whether the paid content buyer is underage or not is determined based on the person's name of the payment method, such as a smart device or credit card. When requesting cancellation of payment for minors, documents shall be submitted to prove minor and legal representatives as required by the company.
      10. Payment through application is based on payment method provided by open market business. Therefore, in the event of a mistake in the payment process, an open-market operator shall, in principle However, depending on the policy and system of the open market operator, the company may request the open market operator to implement the required refund procedure.
      11. Payment made through gift giving function cannot be cancelled or refunded in principle except when there is a defect in paid content purchased, and refunds due to defects in paid content can be made only to the users who send the gift.
      12. If the contents of paid contents are different from the contents of the advertisement or the contents of the contract, the users can withdraw their subscription within 30 days from the date they receive the paid contents, within 3 months from the date of receiving the paid contents, or the date they are informed.
      13. If the user switches to free content through paid content, he or she can judge that the user has expressed his intention to use the contents. In the event that the basic unit that can be purchased within the game service is damaged due to the use of all or part of the contents, the company determines that the user has expressed his intention to use the contents. In addition, if the user agrees to use the screen related to sending and receiving paid content, such as a message box or gift box, the user is judged to have indicated his or her intention to use the contents. This includes cases where the purchase is made through others, which are different from the intent of the notification.

    The effect of Article 19-2 withdrawal of a subscription, etc.

    1. If a user withdraws a subscription pursuant to Article 19 paragraph 1 text, the company shall immediately withdraw or delete the paid service and refund the payment received within three working days from the date of the withdrawal or deletion of the paid service.
    2. In the case of paragraph 1, the company shall pay the delayed interest calculated by multiplying the rate stipulated in the Enforcement Decree of the Act on the Protection of Consumers in Electronic Commerce, etc. for the delay period.
    3. In refunding the above payment, the company requests that the business that provided the payment method be stopped or canceled without delay when the payment was made using the payment method specified in the Enforcement Decree of the Consumer Protection Act on Electronic Commerce or other electronic commerce. However, if the company already receives payment from the payer, it refunds the payment to the payer and notifies the consumer.
    4. In the event that goods are used or consumed in part, the company may invoice the user for the amount equivalent to the amount of the profits earned by the user or the expenses incurred in the supply of the goods.
    5. If a user withdraws a subscription pursuant to Article 19 paragraph 1 text, the user shall bear the costs for the return of the goods and the company shall not file a penalty or damages claim to the user on the grounds of withdrawal of the application.
    6. Article 20 Reimbursement of Guilty

      1. In the event of a mistake caused by the company's intention or reasons attributable to the company, the user shall receive a refund of the error. However, in the event of a mistake caused by the user's intention or attribution, the company shall pay the user's expenses for the refund of the error within reasonable limits.
      2. Payment through application will be made according to payment method provided by open market business. Therefore, in the event of a mistake in the payment process, an open-market operator shall, in principle However, depending on the policy and system of the open market operator, the company may request the open market operator to implement the required refund procedure.
      3. Fares incurred using application downloads or network services (calls, data call charges, etc.) may not be refunded.

      Article 21 Termination of Contracts and Aborts of Service Utilization

      1. If the user does not want to use the service at any time, he or she can cancel the contract by leaving the membership. The withdrawal will be processed immediately, and all contents of the user's possession will be deleted and cannot be recovered.
      2. In the event that a user commits any of the following acts, the user can cancel the service contract or stop using the service by setting a period:
        • In case a false content has been registered at the time of application for the service
        • In case of deliberate interruption of service operations
        • In case of theft of another person's service ID and password
        • In case of transferring large amounts of information or advertising information for the purpose of interfering with the stable operation of the service
        • Dissemination of computer virus programs, such as those that cause damage to the company and its users
        • Other items that violate service policy
      3. If the user cancels or ceases to use the service contract in accordance with the provisions of the preceding paragraph, the user cannot use the downloaded contents and can not receive the payment of the previously paid contents, the data call fee, and the monthly fixed amount service fee.

      Article 22 Damage Compensation

      1. The company shall not be held liable for any damages caused to the users in connection with the use of the free services provided by the company. However, in case of the reasons attributable to the company, the users shall be compensated for damages.
      2. The individual service providers shall be held responsible for damages caused by damages caused by the individual service providers' attribution after the users agree to the individual service use terms and conditions for the company to provide individual services to the users in partnership with the individual service providers.
      3. If the company receives a claim for damages or a lawsuit from a third party other than the user for any illegal activity or violation of this Agreement, the user shall be indemnified from the company at his or her own responsibility and expense, and if the company is not exempted, the user shall be liable for any damages caused by the company.

      Article 23 Immunity

      1. If the company is unable to provide services due to natural disasters or force majeure, the company shall be exempt from the responsibility for providing the services.
      2. The company shall be exempt from liability for damages caused by unavoidable reasons such as repair, replacement, regular inspection, and construction of service facilities.
      3. The company shall not be held liable for any problems caused by the smart device environment or problems caused by the network environment where there is no reason attributable to the company.
      4. The company shall not be held liable for the suspension, service use or termination of the service due to reasons attributable to the users.
      5. The company shall not be held responsible for the information, data, reliability of facts, and accuracy posted by the users in relation to the service.
      6. The company shall not be held liable for any disadvantages or loss of information that users may receive by changing their personal information (including accounts).
      7. The company is not obliged to intervene in disputes arising out of the service between the users or between the users and the third parties, and is not responsible for compensating damages.
      8. The company shall not be held liable unless specified in the relevant laws regarding the use of services provided free of charge.
      9. The company shall not be held liable for the loss or failure of the benefits expected by the users using the service.
      10. The company shall not be held liable for damages caused by incorrect information and e-mail addresses of users.
      11. The company shall not be held liable for losses such as game experience, grade, items, and game profit obtained by the users while using the service except in the case of negligence by the company.

      Article 24: NFT in Chain Arena

      • Users may be eligible to claim or gain an NFT version of their in-game character through competitive and ongoing gameplay activities, such as tournaments or leaderboard rankings.
      • The NFTs may be delivered to users via an airdrop, claims, or interaction with a smart contract.
      • Users should understand that the NFT does NOT guarantee nor enable any functionality inside the game application.
      • The NFT may also be part of a requirement to allow users to have an enhanced visual; however, the NFT itself does not fully guarantee the improved visuals; users are required to attain other qualifications through gameplay and community engagement to ensure such enhanced visuals.
      • The NFT user collectables will grant future roadmap features outside of the game application itself. These may include access to exclusive loyalty programs or other perks related to the Chain Arena platform or ecosystem. Users should understand that these features are subject to change based on the development plans of Chain Arena and its partners. They also may not be available immediately upon NFT acquisition, but when they become available, users with the necessary NFTs will be eligible for them.