Welcome to ChainArena:
A Web3 Idle Game

ChainGuardians present ChainArena, an Idle RPG Scroller based on the Classic Idle game Skull Arena. Download the game here and join us in glorious battle.

What is ChainArena?

ChainArena is an action-packed Idle-RPG crossover featuring characters from Skull Arena and ChainGuardians joining forces. During an unexplained intergalactic event, heroes from the ChainGuardian universe are sent back in time to the war-torn land of Basel. In this strange new world, the Guardians are thrust into a war between the righteous tribes of Basel and the Dragon Tribe, who will stop at nothing to conquer the world.

It’s up to Bitsee Naka and Knight-Commander Rachel to defeat the evil dragons and save the world!

Own a CG digital Character Asset?

You can use them to join the battle in Basel. Owners of Bitsee, Seth, Captain Devex, Lolita and Dasha will be airdropped a ChainArena Warrior. A ChainArena digital asset with a 30% stats boost.

Owners of the original ChainGuardians Card - Bitsee, Seth, Lolita, Captain Devex, Dasha will be able to qualify to be airdropped a ChainArena Warrior.

To qualify you must:

  • Own a ChainGuardians VIP Card (Original CG Card)
  • Have 1,000 CGG in your Metamask wallet
  • Register on the ChainArena website
  • Your CG ChainArena Warrior card matching your VIP Character Card will be airdropped to your wallet. MetaMask wallet will be used to verify that you meet the criteria.
  • Download the game and register to play
  • Connect wallet with airdropped Warrior Card
  • An AuraBOOST will be applied to a playable CG Warrior with a 30% stats boost.
ChainArena Characters


The initial six Free to play Skull heroes can be upgraded to warrior-class playable characters. Each character has a unique set of skills and abilities, and can be upgraded to Aurified status. Aurified characters have a 30% boost to their stats and a unique Aurified Badge.

ChainArena Characters
ChainArena Characters


The purchaseable Skull heroes can be upgraded to warrior-class playable characters. Each character has a unique set of skills and abilities, and can be upgraded to Aurified status. Aurified characters have a 30% boost to their stats and a unique Aurified Badge.

ChainArena Characters

ChainArena Origins

ChainArena A mysterious portal opened in Cipherspace and sucked Bitsee and her crew into a dark and dangerous dimension. Now they must fight to survive and find their way back home.

Bonding Curve for Free2Play and FOMO Heroes

This is a race to the top. First come, first served for Hero to Warrior evolution. Make sure you don't miss out.

For F2P Skull Hero: The first 50Free2Play Skull Characters to progress, you will need to claim their Free2Play Warrior Card Upgrade. Once claimed, the subsequent 50 users will need to get to A.

For Skull FOMO Hero: In order for the 100 Skull FOMO Characters to progress, you will need to claim their Skull FOMO Warrior Card Upgrade. After that, the next 100 users will have to get to A, etc.

* Bonding curve claims will commence start 1 week after official release. One claim per character per account

Free2Play Curve
Bonding Curve
Fomo Heroes Curve
Bonding Curve
What is a bonding curve?

A bonding curve is a mathematical formula that determines the price of a digital asset based on the number of assets in circulation. The price of the asset increases as the number of assets in circulation increases.

What does this mean for Free2Play Players?

Free2Play players will be eligible to claim their Digital collectible Warrior Card Upgrade once they reach level B. The price of the Warrior Card Upgrade will increase as more players progress to level B. The price will continue to increase as more players progress to level A and S.

How do you claim?

We will be tracking users Evolution rank throughout the game. Once you reach the required level, you will be able to claim your Warrior Card Upgrade. You will be rewarded

Game Features

Cutting Edge Web3 Integration
  • Upgrade your team with exclusive ChainGuardian characters
  • Bring your pre-owned ChainGuardians into the fight
  • Join a guild with other exclusive game token owners
  • Collect exclusive trading cards
Idle Heroes Power Ups
  • Evolve your heroes with Magic Stones
  • Enhance their skills with Bone Fragments
  • Reinforce and Transcend weapons for more power
  • Collect Artifacts for powerful buffs
  • Hatch pets to support your heroes
  • Enter the Daily Dungeon to gain various rewards
  • Race to the top of the Wraith Tower
  • Fierce 5 vs 5 PVP Battles
  • Conquer the Dragon Raids
  • Upgrade your Alter & gather Dark Stones
  • Refine Dark Stones into Transcendence Stones
  • Raid the Fallen Battlefields for Rare Treasure & Eggs
  • Incubate & upgrade your Support Pets
  • Join a Guild to battle in Guild Wars
  • Collect Guild Artifacts for additional buffs
  • Receive daily attendance rewards and guild level benefits
  • Participate in co-op Guild Raids for more rewards and guild exp
  • Gain access to the Guild Armory for special weapons
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Sign up to play the game

Register here to help Bitsee and her team of Heroes fight against the nefarious forces of evil! If you already have a ChainGuardians account, you can use the same email and password to login to the game.

ChainArena Community

Beta Release

Official Release (Hard Launch) Chain Arena FOMO Packs will be awarded to players who reach the top of the current stage every week on the leaderboard. Also, top players will have a chance to receive Bitsee, Seth, and CG Char Warriors. A full reset of all player levels and stages will occur on the official release. However, all purchases and upgrades made during the beta release will remain.

Current Leaderboard

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Q3 2022

  • HVN Entertainment Co. LTD. Partnership
  • ChainArena Mobile Game Development
  • ChainGuardians Superheroes NFT Integration

Q1 2023

  • Airdrop Mainnet ChainArena Warrior Cards (1:1 Replace TestNet)
  • Game Official Release (Hard Launch with Player Level & Stage Reset only)
  • Bonding Curve ChainArena Warrior Cards Claim Opens
  • ChainArena FOMO Pack (Launchpad Sales)

Q2 2023

  • ChainArena FOMO Pack II (New Heroes Release)
  • Community Seasonal Events
  • ChainArena in the Cryptoverse

Q3 2023

  • "Hall of Fame" Museum in Cryptoverse Estate
  • ChainArena Avatars


  • What is ChainArena?

    ChainArena is a brand new chapter for SKULL Arena, showcasing a world of interoperable gameplay where players can utilise their ChainGuardian Characters within the Idle game and can also play2win ChainArena Warriors.

  • NFT Purpose

    You can earn NFT by playing the game (play for NFT). The NFT achievers can claim their NFT on-chain and participate in other ChainGuardians ecosystem activities outside of the game.

  • What are Digital Collectibles?

    They are a way of digitalising ownership of digital assets. This means you own your character and its upgrades, and no one can take them away from you unless you sell them.

  • How can I get Digital Collectibles?

    They can be won through gameplay and as in-game rewards.

  • Who are the team behind the project?

    ChainGuardians is a community-driven platform which combines traditional gaming concepts with Web3 technologies. It is underpinned by an ecosystem that empowers gamers by allowing them to turn their time and energy into tangible rewards.